Got Faded Japan episode 155

Ep155 Got Faded Japan Podcast

Johhny goes on a bar tending bender while Shank undergoes electro-shock therapy. Aichi cops get it under the table from sex club, Osaka man saves murderous firebug wife, gangster stabbing goes down at Zushi beach, inflatable doll hall opens, two men bury boss, comedian Baba gets kicked over junkie face, and woman fails to send corpse child to school.

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The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank who add their own opinions and otherwise drunken bullshit to the mix.  Send us an email on FB/twitter/instagram @ Got Faded Japan, or go to to buy a t-shirt to support the show. Or hell man, just tell a friend & post a link to keep this pod rolllin' Fader! Kanpai mofos!  


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