Got Faded Japan episode 113

Ep113 Got Faded Japan Podacst

Johnny talks Fritz the Cat and dance parties while Shank talks Awa Odori and bat tattoos. 16er stabs mother to death for being a selfish c#nt, man beats 3-yr-old daughter after losing at video game, man threatens TEPCO employees with umbrella-sword, man's body found in fruit cellar before necronomicon can be read, bus driver foils bus-jacker…or does he?, police nab serial mayo-slinger, and judge found dead in apparent suicide.

The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank who add their own opinions and otherwise drunken bullshit to the mix.  Send us an email on FB/twitter Got Faded Japan, to or go to to buy a t-shirt to support the show. Or just tell a friend or post a link to keep this pod rolllin' Fader! Kanpai mofos!


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