ep53 Got Faded Japan Podcast

ep53  Got Faded Japan Podcast

Johnny tears it up at his art event while Shank bitches about Shibuya's corporate-ass Nike skatepark.  8 men arrested for dumping co-worker's corpse, 68 year old woman ran down in Maximum Overdrive fashion, mail order tea co. told to stay hush-hush about radiation levels, Black-rind watermelon goes for $3500 at auction, 3 men busted for 90 litters of speed stashed in imported car, 71 year old mercs 32 year old son, and 6 teen bikers call cops on self only to get busted.

The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank who add their own opinions and otherwise drunken bullshit to the mix.  Send us an email to gotfadedjapan@yahoo.co.jp or go to gotfadedjapan.com to buy a t-shirt and support the show. Or just tell a friend or post a link to keep this shit rolllin' Fader! Kanpai motha fuckas!


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